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Practice Incentive and Assignment Log Sticky Notes

Practice Incentive and Assignment Log Sticky Notes

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Music teachers, are you looking for a quick and easy way for students to keep track of their practice? I find that using sticky note templates for tracking progress is a great way to motivate piano students and for parents to communicate with their teacher from lesson to lesson.

This bundle consists of three different templates, based on varying needs in the studio. The bundle is a great value; buy the 3 templates for the price of two!

Each template focuses on a slightly different objective: tracking daily practice, marking the teacher's weekly assignments/goals, and tallying practice repetitions.

You'll need 2x2 sticky notes for the daily practice tracker, and practice repetitions tally markers, and 3x3 sticky notes for the assignment log template.

Here's how it works:

  • Print a copy of the template page
  • Place a sticky note on each square. Line up the top edge of the sticky note with the top edge of the black square on the template. There will be some small margins on each side edge of the sticky note.
  • Place your page with the sticky notes back in your printer and print the page with the sticky note design on it.
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