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Piano Practice Bingo

Piano Practice Bingo

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This bingo card can be used by piano students to encourage piano practice and music exploration over summer break, holiday breaks, or spring break. It also works well as an additional practice challenge to accompany a routine piano practice assignment.

Students can be rewarded for individual bingo lines or for completing a blackout card.

All of the activities on the card encourage piano students to spend extra time at the piano and include things like:

- Sight reading
- Relearning old songs
- Practicing with each hand separately
- Clapping rhythms
- Creating compositions
- Performing for friends and family

And much more!

This product includes 4 versions: 1 printable color bingo card with graphics, 1 printable text only black and white bingo card, 1 mobile graphic bingo card and 1 blank bingo card to create your own challenges.

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