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Piano Composition Worksheets - Animal Theme

Piano Composition Worksheets - Animal Theme

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Composition and creativity are important skills to work into piano lessons. But, it can be really hard to find the time, tools and resources to make that happen, especially with beginner piano students. These clever animal-themed composition worksheets were designed to give beginning piano students a framework to let their creativity flow.

Each work sheet gives students melody, rhythm and harmonic parameters to follow to match the personality of a specific animal. A fun musical feature is also included so that students can add an element of whimsy to their creation.

Beginning piano students aren't expected to be expert music transcribers, so notating the composition is optional. Some students may enjoy playing around with the guidelines on the worksheet and creating something new each time. Others might want to jot down some of their notes or ideas on plain paper. Of course, writing with formal notation is an excellent task to take on and staff paper is included for students who would like to notate their piece.

This product includes 6 pages:

  • Pig-themed worksheet
  • Penguin-themed worksheet
  • Snake-themed worksheet
  • Jellyfish-themed worksheet
  • An ideas page that includes blank space as well as blank staff
  • A staff page to write out a composition, if needed


  • You may want to print each worksheet double sided with an animal theme on one side and the blank ideas page on the back.
  • The lyrics with the rhythms are just suggestions to help students work in 4 beat measures. Students are welcome to create their own lyrics or skip lyrics entirely.
  • Students can create other rhythmic patterns if they would like.
  • Single note harmonies are often suggested, but students could use chords, chord shells or other passing tones as well.
  • This is a fun activity to do with partner.
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