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Learning Style Inventory

Learning Style Inventory

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This learning style inventory is designed to help you quickly assess the best ways to teach your piano students.

Have you ever spent months, or even years, trying to size up a particular piano student only to feel frustrated week after week that you can't quite put your finger on the source of certain challenges they face at the piano?

Instead of guessing the individual preferences and learning styles of each student, send this questionnaire to the parents of your piano students. (And, resend it each year to get updated information!) Use the information you gather to help you adapt your teaching to help each student feel successful and empowered at the piano.

This assessment includes a "Musical Super Powers" page for each student to keep in their piano binder so that you can quickly reference their preferences. Use this page to have a discussion with your students about ways they can learn piano easily and ways that you can help them grow.

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