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"GPS" Theme Piano Assignment Book

"GPS" Theme Piano Assignment Book

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This piano assignment book is designed to track weekly piano assignments and practice sessions. Piano teachers and piano students can stay organized, track goals and communicate clearly.

What's included:
-  "On The Road To Success" GPS-themed cover
- A board-game style map to track goals such as days or minutes of practice (the teacher can decide how to use this page to help students set goals)
- Weekly assignment page to track assignments and practice sessions (includes suggested types of assignments such as apps, scales, listening, "construction work" and sight reading)
- Interactive listening assignment page to help piano student learn how to listen to and observe music

These pages can be added to a three-ring binder or bound with a spiral or comb binder.

To make copies of this assignment book for piano students use these suggestions:
- Use card stock to print the cover in color.
- Make a colored copy of the board-game map page. 
- Print copies of the assignment page. If you are binding your assignment books, print enough of these for the entire school year.
- Print copies of the listening assignment page.

A completed assignment book will have this flow:
- Cover
- Map incentive page
- A set of assignment pages
- A set of listening assignment pages

If you plan to assign a weekly listening assignment, you could print the assignment page and listening page front and back.

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