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Finger Puppets - JS Bach

Finger Puppets - JS Bach

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Do you want to introduce young children to famous composers? Your students will love these JS Bach finger puppets and clip art. These supplemental tools will help make introducing young children to classical music so easy and fun!

Use 1 set as a teacher prop or prepare multiple sets for your students to use. They can be used as an educational tool or for counting songs.

In addition, there are clip art symbols that represent important parts of Bach's life.

This is a fun early childhood resource meant to be incorporated into a movement-based music class, but can be used in a circle time routine, units on famous composers, or other classroom settings.

This music class resource is designed to be used with Pre-K and Kindergarten aged students. However, early elementary kids love these activities and themes as well.

This product includes:

  • Instructions
  • One set of 10 printable Bach finger puppet
  • Additional clip art representing important parts of Bach's life
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