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E-Z Notes Piano Teacher Starter Bundle - Includes Free Shipping in the US

E-Z Notes Piano Teacher Starter Bundle - Includes Free Shipping in the US

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This bundle is the best way to stock your studio with high quality teaching tools that will help your piano students love learning about music theory skills and concepts at the piano.

This is the most economical way to try out the best E-Z Notes products that will become staple resources in your studio for years to come. This product included free shipping in the US.

1. Music Tiles

  • This set includes 24 wooden tiles shaped to fit the piano keys.
  • There are 12 yellow treble clef tiles and 12 blue bass clef tiles. 8 tiles are preprinted with landmark notes and 16 tiles have blank staff. 

2. Scale Flashcards

  • E-Z Key Scale Flashcards provide a handy reference to understand the basic structure of scales and key signatures.
  • Easily demonstrate enharmonic scales, the magic 7 rule, relative Major/minor keys, and more.
  • Includes:
  • 15 major scales (orange cards)
  • 15 harmonic minor scales (gray cards)
  • Major and minor key signature charts
  • Instructions and usage notes

3. Staff Rubber Stamp and Make Your Own Flashcards Kit

  • This kit has everything you need to help your piano students make their own music flashcards. 
  • Students can use the large staff rubber stamp to stamp their cards, then use an erasable pen to make cards to study notes, chords, key signatures, scales, and more.
  • 4x1 inch staff rubber stamp
  • large ink pad
  • 5 sets of colored flash cards (50 cards per set, colors vary)
  • 2 erasable gel pens

4. Magnetic Scale Blocks

  • A wonderful way to help students discover all of the patterns found in the circle of fifths. 
  • Each set comes with 7 wooden blocks. 

5. The Magnetic Staff Board Kit 

  • One 9x12 metal board with sturdy plastic frame (red or green)
  • Fit-A-Rhythm Magnetic Insert
  • 40 magnetic tiles printed with different rhythms align to blank measures
  • 2 blank tiles to make your own rhythms
  • 10 black magnetic notes
  • 8 red magnetic notes (for sharps)
  • 8 blue magnetic notes (for flats)

6. Rhythm Blocks

  • Learn rhythm in a fun and effective way with a visual, hands-on approach. use these finely crafted wood blocks for practice or dictation. Rotate and mix the blocks to create endless variations. 
  • Rhythm blocks are in 6 graded levels that include basic beats, ties, dotted rhythms, triplets, sixteenth notes and syncopation.
  • Rhythm blocks are varying lengths to correspond with the length of each time signature. 
  • To use, place the key signature cube in front of the appropriate rhythm blocks and have your student clap, tap, dictate or play the rhythm combinations.

7. EZ Notes Piano Bag


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