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E-Z Notes Magnetic Staff Board with Fit-a-Rhythm Insert

E-Z Notes Magnetic Staff Board with Fit-a-Rhythm Insert

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This magnetic staff board offers a hands-on approach to help students visualize the concepts of notation, chords, scales, inversions, rhythm and more.

The front of the board features a grand staff and 2.5 octave keyboard. The back of the board shows a blank staff with ledger lines and a string instrument chart. 

The Fit-a-Rhythm insert fits neatly into the frame. The tile sizes are proportionate to the rhythmic value. 

The Deluxe Kit option includes:

  • One 9x12 metal board with sturdy plastic frame (red or green)
  • Fit-A-Rhythm Magnetic Insert
  • 40 magnetic tiles printed with different rhythms align to blank measures
  • 2 blank tiles to make your own rhythms
  • 10 black magnetic notes
  • 8 red magnetic notes (for sharps)
  • 8 blue magnetic notes (for flats)
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